Last week after more terrorist attacks Marianne Williamson sent out a post on Facebook #prayforpeace. She suggested that if each of us took five minutes a day to pray for peace within the city we live in or somewhere we are called upon to pray for, then we will be contributing greatly to a more peaceful world.

And so I added a daily prayer into my morning meditation for the city where I live here in Italy. I pray that love and light infiltrate Pesaro, that we are all kept safe and above all our children are always protected. It’s a really beautiful way to add more loving energy into the world. You may think that prayer is passive but I can tell you now that when practiced regularly, its power is far greater than you may realise.

You may feel a little afraid to pray, or perhaps judgemental because of past religious experience, but know that I am not a religious person. To pray doesn’t mean you have to be a good Christian. It just means you want to go within, to know deeper your purpose here, to help the world heal, to become a better person.

So how does one begin? My suggestion is through gratitude. Sit quietly, take three deep breaths and then say quietly to yourself “thank you!” “Thank you for all that I have been blessed with: for my children, my husband (or wife), my family, my home, my health, my work”.  Then let it roll on from there. You will be guided.

Sending you love and light on this magical day.


Rallenta, respira profondamente, e nutri la tua felicità!

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