For the Love of Italy

I still remember vividly the first time I came to Italy with my husband, before we were married. The first morning I woke up and opened the windows of the house. I breathed in the Italian summer air, smelling its sweetness, its vitality. The smell returned to me yesterday as I stepped out onto my balcony. The freshness, the hope, the sense of freedom that I feel here in Italy. The memories came flooding back of that joyful Italian summer six years before. Little did I realise at the time, but on that morning in Sicily my heart became just a little bit Italian, a little more open and a little more in love.

Italy does that. It opens you up. It’s not only the food or the festivities or the flowing way of life that millions of people come here to experience each year on holidays. It’s more than those things.

It’s deeply rooted in the culture….It’s the heart of the people.

They are what makes this country so loveable. In the core of their hearts is a culture of honour, respect and togetherness. It’s all about community, family, friends, food and helping one another. I feel so blessed to be raising my children here.

My message for today? No matter how difficult life may present itself, how little you can see ahead or how much external pressure you have from others to live a life that they wished you live, have faith and trust….in yourself and in the presence of a higher power guiding your way. I left Australia, moved to France and have now settled in Italy. Over the past seven years there’s been struggles, heartache and loss, but always I trusted and I had faith I would always be ok. And here I am, married to a beautiful man, with two gorgeous children, living in magical Italy. I feel it’s fair to say I’ve found my home.

Big Love,


Rallenta, respira profondamente, e nutri la tua felicità!

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