Breathe Remember Love

Every day there is so much to do and I often forget to breathe. I lose my ground and I forget to be present. And then I remember. I take a few deep breaths and go on my way again. Feeling my feet touching the ground, feeling my breath, coming back down to Earth and feeling the warmth in my heart. Soon I am off again with the so called ‘million things to do’. I am shallow breathing and holding on all through my body. Tense, because if I don’t finish what apparently needs finishing, oh my god what will happen?

Then I look into their eyes and the ‘million things to do’ melts away. It can all wait. I breathe deeply again, reconnecting within. Two little children, showing me the way. Their little feet running, laughing, dancing, light my way. Their eyes filled with an innate joy that we were all born with. In that vision I remember who I am. Love. I run, I dance, I play too. I let go to the child within who just wants to soak up the pure and simple beauty of life.

Our days are filled with many tasks, both at home and at work. In each moment of remembrance we have a choice. We can choose to continue to forget, to not be present and forget to breathe, or we can remember. We can remember that life is one, that life passes by in the blink of an eye and that all things, people too, are constantly in a state of change. We can remember to breathe and feel the warmth of love in our hearts and realise that this same warmth exists in every other living being, sometimes it lays hidden and needs awakening, in others it is fully alive.

We can dress up as Ninja Turtles or Policemen, we can sit and draw with our children, we can cuddle them and talk with them or we can watch as they play with their friends. There are many moments that we can see that love and joy in our children’s eyes and as it radiates out of their little bodies. In these moments of seeing clearly we can remember our own presence of love, our own joy, our own innocence.

Rallenta, respira profondamente, e nutri la tua felicità!

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