To Be Love

In today’s world things have become quite crazy. I don’t want to write it all here, we only need turn on the TV and the news to see what’s going on. Really it’s all quite overwhelming. As a Mother when I see all the goings on in the world and I then think of the future of my children, well SH*T!!!! Sorry but it’s the first word that comes to my mind. At the same time our own personal lives...Read More

Five Minute Meditation

Have you been thinking about starting a meditation practice but don't have the time? Or perhaps you don't know where to start? It's a common complaint I hear from people so this week I want to share with you a five minute meditation to get you started. This meditation is Mindfulness of Breathing. Mindfulness is from the Buddhist tradition and during a meditation we practice awareness of the breath, of the body, sensations, feelings and our thoughts, always with the...Read More

What is Mamma Alchemy?

I believe.... that the power of a Mother is limitless when she is connected to love and inner peace. There is more potential for a peaceful world, because she's inspired to create, she's in love with her-Self and her femininity shines. Her children feel it, no matter their age. In last weeks blog I shared that one year ago I was sitting in meditation and I heard the words Mamma Alchemy. I had been searching for clarity for some time about...Read More