For the Love of Italy

I still remember vividly the first time I came to Italy with my husband, before we were married. The first morning I woke up and opened the windows of the house. I breathed in the Italian summer air, smelling its sweetness, its vitality. The smell returned to me yesterday as I stepped out onto my balcony. The freshness, the hope, the sense of freedom that I feel here in Italy. The memories came flooding back of that joyful Italian summer...Read More


Last week after more terrorist attacks Marianne Williamson sent out a post on Facebook #prayforpeace. She suggested that if each of us took five minutes a day to pray for peace within the city we live in or somewhere we are called upon to pray for, then we will be contributing greatly to a more peaceful world. And so I added a daily prayer into my morning meditation for the city where I live here in Italy. I pray that...Read More

Breathe Remember Love

Every day there is so much to do and I often forget to breathe. I lose my ground and I forget to be present. And then I remember. I take a few deep breaths and go on my way again. Feeling my feet touching the ground, feeling my breath, coming back down to Earth and feeling the warmth in my heart. Soon I am off again with the so called ‘million things to do’. I am shallow breathing and holding...Read More