Hi there, I’m Annette!

A Mother, Yoga Teacher and Writer dedicated to helping Mothers embody life with vitality and an open heart. A born and bred Australian, I’ve lived in some wonderful places and have now settled in magical Italy with my husband, two boys and beloved dog Oscar.

My life has been dedicated to health and wellness ever since graduating from high school. I’ve studied Health Sciences, became a Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Coach, Health Coach and owned my own Health Club, but there was always something missing regarding what true health meant to me and how I was coaching my clients. Then through a life changing moment I fell beautifully into the path of Yoga. Since that moment in 2009 I have dedicated my life to the practice of Yoga both on my mat and in my daily life and in 2012 I became a certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.

Over time my practice has deepened and evolved and I look at my spiritual practice, which embodies Motherhood, Yoga, Meditation and studying the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, as one big Yoga. Yoga is so much more than the practice we know of on the mat. Yoga is a way of living, a dance of life, the bond between a mother and a child, a yoking of our purpose with our daily lives and a way to call forth the love within.

There are three women who I look to as my spiritual teachers and role models: Shiva Rea, Gabrielle Bernstein and Marianne Williamson. I continue my studies under their guidance and teachings. They are three women who embody beautifully the Divine Feminine and whom are well-grounded in sharing their love and message with the world.

Which brings me to you!

Let’s face it, Motherhood can get a little crazy. It’s not easy. At the same time Motherhood offers such joy and happiness. This space of joy and happiness we can also call inner peace or love. We can get bumped out of this space pretty easily: A crying baby, a screaming three year old, an unhappy loved one, work issues, a busy schedule or perhaps from self-sacrificing. So how can we connect to this inner peace more often? And when we get bumped off our feet, how do we get back up?

I created Mamma Alchemy to help Mothers access their own inner peace, to guide them to nourish their happiness and to embrace what inspires them, in amongst the busy-ness of daily life. I am here to help you breathe, slow down and remember who you are.

When I am in the flow of Yoga?

I am connected to a sense of love and inner peace, my children feel it, my husband too. It’s not so much from what I do or say, but from how I be. This BE-ing radiates outwards and affects others in such beautiful ways. This BE-ing is what I want for you too, for your children, for your loved ones.

Come and join me on a beautiful journey!

Big Love,


Rallenta, respira profondamente, e nutri la tua felicità!

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