Barbara Muckermann, CMO Silversea Cruises

“Annette has brought to me the gift of Yoga. Through her I learned how much Yoga helps you improve as a person, how it increases your flexibility and mostly how it makes you aware of yourself and the world around you. Being more aware has brought much more  focus to my work and I realize how I manage today, thanks to Annette, to confront daily challenge with much more detachment than before.”

Eloise Taylor, Monte Carlo

“I had practiced various disciplines of yoga on and off for over 15 years, all with different intensities and levels of personal reward. But working with Annette helped me to finally make sense of my practice, using my yoga practice to heal myself and find a deeper connection to my body and soul.”

Alice Bricola, Private Banker, Monte Carlo

“Esperienza bellissima Annette molto preparata un corso per il corpo e la mente lo consiglio a tutti.”

Be a happy Mamma, inspired for life!

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